How to Make a Scrap Metal Broadaxe

How to Make a Scrap Metal Broadaxe

A scrap metal broad-axe is an excellent weapon to repel a boarding party of zombie pirates or defend yourself against giant anacondas and overfed alligators. Those old circular saw blades might as well see some heavy action before they flake away in your backyard junk pile.

1 Cut a large-diameter circular saw blade in half with a cutting wheel on a 4.5-inch right angle grinder. Grind away the teeth until the blade halves are smooth semi-circles. These are your axe-blade blanks.

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2 Sketch your desired zombie-slashing axe-blade shape onto each blade blank with a black permanent marker. Don’t forget to add a gator-gutting hook at one end.

3 Grind the two blade blanks to the desired axe-blade shape using the cutting wheel on your right angle grinder, followed by your 24 grit wheel.

4 Don a welding helmet, gloves and full leathers. Weld the resulting axe blades to an 18-inch long, 1.5-inch diameter steel rod using a 110-volt gasless MIG.

5 Clean the weld with an 80-grit mop disk on your right angle grinder. Finish grind and sharpen your axe to a 30-degree included angle, perfect for making paper-thin anaconda slices.

6 Coat the handle with contact cement and wrap it with leather torn from the skirt of the beheaded zombie wench whose lust for brains made you want to make the axe in the first place.

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Dexter, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2012

This is a great idea! I really am wanting to do something like this. Do you know where I can find some scrap metal in Surrey? I would really appreciate some suggestions. Thanks.

jessesToons, posted this comment on Mar 11th, 2013

Thanks for sharing this article, that’s a great use of scrap metal surrey. I’ve heard of people just taking it in but never making things from it. I wouldn’t mind giving this a try, seems fun. Thanks again for sharing!

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